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But do these 2 points constitute so much importance that they render the match as unacceptable? Certainly not! Nadi Dosha is checked for progeny possibilities, which in fact, depends more on placement of Jupiter and Venus in the respective charts than Nadi Milan. Getting 0 in this factor does not necessarily mean that you will not have a child. Certain Vedic remedies also prove effective in pacifying this dosa like donating beauty products to married women.

Another key factor assessed in Guna Milan is Bhakoot Dosha. Moon signs of the prospective bride and groom are assessed for making any inauspicious combinations like , or Bhakoot Dosha can cause instability, distance, progeny issues and financial problems in married life of the couple but the problems can be nullified with remedies like by helping to arrange marriage of the poor. A good marriage is a meeting of the minds and in that sense, Graha Maitri becomes one of the most important parameters in horoscope matching.

It is the assessment of compatibility between the Moon signs or the lords of Moon sign of both the partners. This determines the possibility of peace or war in the domestic sector. Gana Deva, Manushya, Rakshasha is also important but there are factors that nullify the effect such as both partners having same or friendly lords, same navamsha or friendly lord of navamsha.

It is also imperative to note that in Gana Milan, only the gana of the stars where Moon is posited at the time of birth are considered. The stars of rest of the 8 planetary energies are not taken into account. Other than Guna Milan, there are certain other parameters that can act as balancing factors in a marriage and help make a more accurate compatibility analysis. These are:. Mangal Dosha — Absence or cancellation of Mangal Dosha suggests harmonious married life and better compatibility. Dasa analysis — If one partner is undergoing the main period of a malefic planet but the other is under a very positive period, it balances the effects.

Have trust in yourself and your inner values instead of having trust in astrology. You will crack astrology also. If one who is with strong will and dedicated love can bring peaceful marriage life to her partner and can win against all gravitational forces of Planets.

Is Horoscope Matching For Marriage A Necessity? | Metaphysics Knowledge

I am sorry if my intention is wrong. Sometimes brain and heart's decisions are different. Now whom to follow is difficult for someone. In Gita Lord said. Indriyas are batter than outside world, Mind is better than Indriyas but inside all creatures, "Saul" resides inner or deeper than these two which is considered best than all these. Similarly forces of individuals plus and minus will affect each other after marriage.

This forces can be calculated using planetary situations and astrologies. Emotions can be said to a be Chemical Imbalance , that can be explained completely by chemistry. These are the traits that are makes Humans to "fall" to standard of animal.

Horoscope Compatibility for Marriage -A prerequisite in Indian Weddings

Now to understand the "Fall" here, we need to know what is "Rise". Few instance of Human "rising" is,. Now how are these "non-scientific" traits, rooted in "Belief", controlled by gods? And this is what that Kundali projects. Now as we done with the most high view, i.

Now we move further down to the sphere of "Emotions". Its NOT about the "drama" we see on media, rather its the subtle trait that makes a person capable to HOLD on the emotion, and rise above his instincts. Good placed Jupiter gives Belief in a human on the strength of his emotional self. Making him capable to bear anything. He is the most "STABLE" guy to be at the front of intense emotional "give-n-take", who would never lose his sense and integrity.

Good placed Venus gives a person Belief in strength of the emotional side of rest outside world. He exactly can match or even can go further another person at emotional level. He makes other feel composed. So if wanna be happy, "invest" in making a Venus-person happy, and the "returns" would be very high. The same happens with Karma , which is our next sphere belief. Now you see every sphere mentioned is paired except the sphere of Karma.

Can't we do the same with Karma sphere? No thats a personal thing limited to Self. And so can not be reflected on to the rest outside world. Also the "real" planets are now done. And we now have Shadow Planets, that deals the "shadowy" subject of Attachment between Self and the rest of the world, which also is intrinsic to self, like Karma.

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Rahu gives kinda magnetic attachments to a person, for an object. Now if Rahu is well placed, this guy would have belief that his object will "come" to him eventually. All gamblers on a long lucky streak in Casinos, are Rahu's friends. He would the most treacherous person you may see. By such trait he also go to Jail too. Ketu gives Detachment to a person. Its well placement provides him power to see beyond the obvious, psychic visions, spirituality.

This guys minds floats over the realm of common man. He may have great occult powers too. Again if Ketu is badly placed the person would be like a dog, sniffing over everything. Self doubt, self created fears, are integral parts of his life. That is, basically it makes sure that the low point of the "Beliefs" of the two person never coincide. NOTE: I seldom provide references in my posts, because I think looking up to a book every time you "think!

Astrophilosophy Hour (Horoscope Matching and Kundali Milan)

Vedas were in souls of ancient sages, they have not mugged it up either. Reading Vedas should be a journey of Mind to soul, rather than of memory from one synapse to the other. Mind you, that there is a difference between Vedas and books of other religion. It is said and stated, in our scriptures and Vedas, that persons with larger number match of gunas in the Kundali results in a fruitful marriage. So, if gunas are not matching in the Kundali , then it means there is lower chance of compatibility between the two persons.

Thus, lesser chance of marriage survival. Those believe in Hinduism trust that the Planets in the sky rule the world. When there is movement of SUN from one Raasi to another Raasi, there are changes like calamities, accidents etc. Many people don't perform marriages or other auspicious ceremonies on New Moon because Moon is weak. Moon rules one's mind and that's why the psychiatric patients behave differently.

This is the age of science. The position of planets in the sky is Astronomy and it is science. Muslims see the moon's appearance for their festivals. Like that we have to give importance to all planets including shadow planets Rahu and Ketu. Astrology is related to Astronomy. Some people don't believe in Astrology. They don't see Kundali and horoscope matching. Blindly they perform the marriages. May be they are successful because of their Sanchit Karmas. If they are not successful unfortunately, then they realise that there is some mistake done by their parents or themselves.

All the people are not alike. The Astrologer can say that the person belongs to which Raasi on seeing him. He can say his future on seeing his time of birth, place of birth and date of birth. The longitudes and latitudes of the place are taken into account. It is science. Even two persons born at the same time also do not have the same future. These factors give whether they lead full life without any hurdles.

Not only people cause hurdles in one's life, but the movement of planets cause hurdles. Why people are afraid of Saturn and it's Dasha antardasha, sade sathi, asthama sani, arthastami sani? Saturn is bad planet, but it is Nyaya Devata. Saturn makes us learn discipline, hard work, patience and justice. So matching of Horoscopes of two prospective bride and bridegroom are necessary for analyzing their future life. In love marriages may be some people don't match horoscopes. But now a days a literate person is more conscious of match making. That's why many divorce cases are being filed in the Courts.

In India also, many people are following Western culture. So they argue that there is no need to see Horscope matching. In Lord Rama and Maa Sita they are puran purushas. Their avatar is for some purpose. We have to think only what is the story in Ramayana. It is only my opinion. Does love marriage or arrange marriage really depend on you and your partner's Kundali and the Gunas? If we use divorce as a measure of failure then no. If you extend that logic, there are enough other countries that do not practice Hinduism with a very low divorce rate, that is, high levels of success in marriage.

Here are some interesting numbers about divorce rate by religion :. A: Astrology is a science but all astrologers are not scientists laughter. There is probability in all those factors. It was quoted as a probability factor.

Kundali Matching & Astrology Compatibility Analysis: What to do when horoscopes don’t match?

In all scientific experiments, there is always a probability factor — may be, may not be. So we must take it with that probability and not as definite.

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